Culture: the future Musée du Mont-Blanc is coming to Chamonix

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Culture: the future Musée du Mont-Blanc is coming to Chamonix

Closed since 20th September 2021, the Musée Alpin de Chamonix is undergoing renovation. Major works are being carried out to expand and modernise to breathe new life into this exhibition site which will be renamed "Musée du Mont-Blanc" by 2024.

Musée Alpin: reasons for renovation

Originally created in the 19th century, the Musée Alpin was built in 1969 in the heart of the valley in the former Chamonix Palace, one of the town’s symbolic buildings.

A half-century later, the authorities decided to give a second life to this significant cultural building that was left outdated and obsolete. The building and the layout had become unsuitable for modern use.

There are a number of objectives for this redevelopment project:
Increase the size of the exhibition area, which is currently insufficient, to show all collections
Increase the capacity of visitors, (which currently includes 60% of foreign visitors) ;
Highlight the quality of the town's natural, cultural and historical heritage, (15,000 items dating from the end of the 18th century to the beginning of the 21st century).

Although closed since the launch of the renovation work in September 2021, the museum continues its cultural action outside of its walls, in schools, through events (village festivals, European Heritage days), on social media, as well as on its website.

Future "Musée du Mont-Blanc": the project in detail

Led by the Communauté de Communes de la Vallée de Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, this large project is costing 7.2 million euros and is supported by the State, the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region and the Haute-Savoie Department.

A complete renovation of the site, is planned for the future museum, including these various points:
• Accessibility,
• Thermal renovation,
• A new welcome centre,
• The creation of four exhibition spaces (three permanent and one dedicated to temporary exhibitions),
• A 1800 m2 extension on the building,
• A new contemporary layout including interactive digital devices (sounds, videos, games…).

The progression route through the museum will also be rethought, with the creation of a new main entrance, in order to offer a coherent cultural progression to visitors.

During the signing of an agreement between the Department and the Communauté des Communes in April 2021, the project leaders revealed the contents of the three permanent exhibitions: : • The first will be dedicated to the history of adaptation to mountain areas, from agropastoralism to tourism development ;
• The second will be around the theme of "achievements" with stories from explorers and scientists ;
• The third will be devoted to the visual arts.

Renamed the "Musée du Mont-Blanc", this completely renovated building is expected to reopen in the spring of 2024, for the centenary of the Winter Olympics

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